Bed Type Milling Machine MTE BF 4200

    • Fresadora MTE MB-4200 de ocasión
    • Cargador de Herramienta en MTE BF-4200 de ocasión
    • Fresadora MTE BF-4200 de segunda mano con cabezal automático
    • Fresadora de Bancada MTE BF-4200 con divisor
    • Fresadora MTE BF-4200 usada con carenado integral
    • Cabezal Automático MTE BF-4200
    • Fresadora MTE BF-4200 con control Heidenhain 530

    Technical Features of this Bed Type Milling Machine

    Table Surface 4.200 x1.000 mm.
    Longitudinal Traverse (X Axis) 4.000 mm.
    Cross Traverse (Y Axis) 1.200 mm.
    Vertical Traverse (Z Axis) 2.000 mm.
    Rapid Feed 15.000 mm/min
    Working Feed 0-12.000 mm/min
    Taper DIN 69874A
    Turning Speed 40 – 3.000 rpm
    Head Speed Ranges 3 Gamas. / 3 Ranges
    Head Power 30 Kw
    Carrying Load Table 13.000 Kg.
    Machine Weight 21.500 kg.
    Machine Condition NUEVA / NEW
    Power On Hours 800 Hours
    Year 2009
    Electronic Handwheel HEIDENHAIN HR 410
    Digital Motors INCLUDED
    Oil refrigeration equipment on speed box INCLUDED
    Thermal compensation for the head(Y axis) INCLUDED
    Direct Measuring Linear Scales INCLUDED
    Contrapeso hidraúlico para el eje vertical INCLUDED
    Independent coolant equipment INCLUDED
    Splash Guarding CE Norm INCLUDED
    Rigid Tapping INCLUDED
    Automatic Head 2.5º x 1º with 3000 rpm INCLUDED
    High Presure Coolant (20 Bar) INCLUDED
    Coolant through the spindle with papierfilter INCLUDED
    Horizontal / Vertical Tool Magazine with 40 positions INCLUDED
    Chip Conveyor (2 pieces 90 grads) INCLUDED
    Machine Lamp INCLUDED
    Foot Pedal INCLUDED
    Electrical Cabinet Refrigerator INCLUDED
    Tools Touch probe INCLUDED
    3D Touch trigger probe INCLUDED
    Ready for 4th Axis INCLUDED
    Rotary Table 1000 mm. diameter INCLUDED

    Detailed information of this Bed Type Milling Machine

    MTE BF4200 Bed Type Milling Machine  manufactured in 2009, it has less than 800 working hours.  Buy a new Milling with an attractive price.

    Technical specifications are not binding and may be modified without notice

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