If you want  to sell used machine tools we can help you:

    • Valuation for professionals with accumulated experience in the used metalworking machinery industry, both national and international
    • Dismantling at your facilities
    • Cranes and colleting vehicles management
    • Loading the machine in the collecting vehicles.
    • We leave a clean location when we go.

    ¿Do you want to sell your used metalworking machinery ? Contact us and turn your surplus and unused machine tools into working capital.

    If you want to buy used machine tools, we can help you:

    • Tight adjusted pricing. We don’t act as intermediaries but we only sell the machines we have in stock.  Reducing the number of intermediate companies we can ajust the price to the maximum.
    • Dismantling and loading the machines in the collecting vehicles
    • Downloading from the collecting vehicles at your location
    • Help with basement plans and any other question before the machine arrives to customer facilities.
    • Installation and start up
    • Training
    • Technical and commercial post sale service

    We have a wide selection of used machine toos in stock. Please consult our updated stocklist of used metalworking machinery here.