Maquinaria Colás has the experience, knowledge and the highly skilled team to complete successfully the process of rebuilding used machine tools

    The rebuilding process will require each of machines to be disassembled, cleaned, inspected, and repaired or replaced as required.

    Retrofitting examples

    A complete rebuild process takes place in a series of steps, depending on the machine and its complexity:

    1) Disassembly, cleaning, and inspection.
    2) Engineering of software, electrical, mechanical, and fluid systems.
    3) Ordering of the required parts.
    4) Paint when necessary.
    5) Machine rebuilding.
    6) Startup and debug.
    7) Mechanical recertification.
    8) Test cycling and initial test cutting.
    9) Runoff and final testing.

    After the process the used machine tools rebuilt by Maquinaria Colas have the sale quality as they had when they were originally bough.

    Before buying a new machine, why don’t you consider to buy a rebuilt metalworking machine at Maquinaria Colás? Make the second use machine tools your first option and you will save up to 50% compared with new.

    Have a look to our used machine tools stocklist on this site or contact us to set up and visit to see the quality of our rebuilt used metalworking machinery