Travelling Column Milling Machine CME MQ-12000

    Used CME MQ-12000 travelling column milling machine at Maquinaria Colás
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    ZAYER 30 KCU-22000 Floor Type MiIling Machine

    22 meter travelling column milling machine New inl 2000. CNC SIEMENS 840D Travels (X/Y/Z):22.000/1.500/3.000 mm. AutoIndex Head 45º 0.001º/0.001º ATC 30 Tools Internal Coolant Chip

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    New in 1999 CNC HEIDENHAIN TNC-430PA Table Surface: :4.700 x 1.200 mm. Travel (X/Y/Z) :3.400/1.250/2.000 mm. Quill Travel (W Axis) :500 mm. Automatic Head 45º 0.001º/0.001º Twist

    Technical Features of this Moving Column Milling Machine

    Table Surface N/A – TBC
    Longitudinal Traverse (X Axis) 12.000 mm
    Transversal Traverse (Y Axis) 1.200 mm
    Vertical Traverse (Z Axis) 4.000 mm
    Quill (Z Axis) 700 mm.
    Quill Diameter (W Axis) 150 mm.
    1.000 + 700 mm.
    Max. Working Feed X-Y-Z 4.000 mm/min.
    Rapid Traverse 30.000 mm/min.
    Automatic Tool Charger INCLUDED
    Positions in ATC 120 Tools
    Taper at Orthogonal Head ISO-50
    Taper Spindle Quill ISO-50
    Turning Speeds Orthogonal Head 20 – 4.000 r.p.m.
    Turning Speeds Spindle Quill 20 – 2.000 r.p.m.
    Auto Indexing Orthogonal Head
    A Body
    B Body
    Main Motor Power 35 Kw.
    Speed Ranges (ZF Box) 2 Gamas/ 2 Ranges
    Longitudinal Chip Conveyor INCLUDED
    Twin Screws – Motor (Z Axis) INCLUDED
    Double Motor (X A xis) INCLUDED
    Control Panel with elevator at
    column side INCLUDED
    Coolant through tool 20 BAR INCLUDED
    Total Power Required 85 Kva.
    Machine Weight 82.000 Kg.
    Portable Handwheel HEIDENHAIN HR-410
    Machine Condition EXCELLENT

    Detailed information of this Moving Column Milling Machine

    Travelling Column Milling Machine CME MQ-12000 with Heidenhain TNC 530. Manufactured in 2011 but never used. Great opportunity.

    MQ travelling column milling machines with CNC control allow to manufacture great precision and high productivity pieces. These machines are built with great versatility as a product with high structural rigidity product to assure a suitable rating in hard working conditions, in rigidity and precision
    The structural main pieces (bed, table, column, vertical carriage, longitudinal carriage and ram) are pearlitic cast-iron GG30, stabilized and strongly veined.
    The guidance of the machine is done on prismatic rectified guides,designed to support heavy charges, obtaining a high rigidity and a big precision.
    The transmission of the longitudinal axis depends on X course of the machine, it can be done through ballscrews for courses inferior to 10.000 mm. or double pinion – rack system, for courses upper to 10.000 mm. The transmission of Z and Y axes are realized through the ballscrews

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