Moving Column Milling Machine CME MH-800

    Second Hand moving column CME MH-800
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    22 meter travelling column milling machine New inl 2000. CNC SIEMENS 840D Travels (X/Y/Z):22.000/1.500/3.000 mm. AutoIndex Head 45º 0.001º/0.001º ATC 30 Tools Internal Coolant Chip

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    New in 1999 CNC HEIDENHAIN TNC-430PA Table Surface: :4.700 x 1.200 mm. Travel (X/Y/Z) :3.400/1.250/2.000 mm. Quill Travel (W Axis) :500 mm. Automatic Head 45º 0.001º/0.001º Twist

    Technical Features of this Moving Column Milling Machine

    Table Surface 10.000 X 1.100 mm
    Longitudinal Traverse (X Axis) 8.000 mm
    Transversal Traverse (Y Axis) 1.200 mm
    Vertical Traverse (Z Axis) 1.500 mm
    Rapid Feed X-Y – Z Axis 25.000 mm/min
    Automatic Tools Charger INCLUDED
    Tools at Tool Charger 30 Tools.
    Taper ISO-50 (DIN 69871)
    Speed Range 20 – 3.000 r.p.m.
    Automatic Head
    A Body
    B Body 2,5 º
    Main Motor Power 30 Kw.
    Speed Range (ZF Box) 2 Ranges
    Longitudinal Chip Conveyor INCLUDED
    Total Power Required 70 Kva.
    Max Carrying Load Table 30.000 Kg.
    Machine Weight 52.000 Kg.
    Dimensions 14.000 x 6.000 x 3700 mm
    Portable Wheel HEIDENHAIN HR-410
    Year Manufacture 2.003
    Machine Condition  EXCELLENT.
    Encoder Mandrine Orientation INCLUDED
    Double Control Pad , Attached on the Platform and Sliding on the front of the table INCLUDED
    Longitudinal Chip Conveyor INCLUDED
    4º Axis Divisor Spirsin 81660/ D800 –HV INCLUDED
    Manual Divisor Tailstock INCLUDED
    Hydraulic Lock Divisor Tailstock INCLUDED
    Electromandrine FAEMAT 200x200x250 28 Kw, 15.000 rpm and Internal Cooling INCLUDED
    Internal Cooling with 15 Bar Pump INCLUDED
    External Cooling with MKS-C 500 Microjet System INCLUDED
    Forced Air Electrical Cabinet Cooling INCLUDED
    2 Arnold Clamp 300 mm. INCLUDED
    Big Quantity of Tools and Accessories INCLUDED

    Detailed information of this Moving Column Milling Machine

    The moving column milling machine CME MH series has been developed like a machine with geat rigidity in its structure, being a heavy CNC milling machine over dimensioned, to guarantee the best possible response in limit working condition.

    The movement of this moving column milling machine CME is by linear guideways, that slide on roller blocks providing two basic improvements like a better positioning and repeatibility of 0.001, by the elimination of the classical friction of the  prismatic guideway ( the Slip-Stick effect) and bigger working feeds, that allow to optimise al machining time.

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    Technical specifications are not binding and may be modified without notice


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