CMZ TC30Y-800 CNC Lathe

    • CMZ TC 30Y / 800
    • Torreta VDI 50 CMZ TC30Y
    • CMZ TC30 con Fanuc
    • Torno CMZ con herramientas

    Technical Features of this Second Hand CNC Lathe

    Year 2017
    C Axis and Driven Tools INCLUDED
    Distance between chuck and tailstock 874 mm.
    Ø Swing over Bed 920 mm.
    Ø Max.Turning over Carriage 745 mm
    X Travel 315 mm.
    Z Travel 800 mm.
    Y Travel +80 -60
    Rapid Feeds (X, Z Axis) 30 m/min
    Rapid Feed (Y Axis) 15 m/min,
    Axis Acceleration 1g ( 1g=9.8 m/seg2)
    Max Speed of the Head 3.500 rpm
    Ø Spindle Bar Diameter 77 mm.
    Chuck Bore Ø 77 mm.
    Spindle Max. Power 42 kW
    Turret Positions 12
    Tool Section 25×25
    Turret Type VDI50 ( 12x)
    Number of positions of Driven tools 12
    Driven Tools Speed 4.000 rpm
    Max Power Driven Tools 16 kW
    Max Torque Dirven Tools 75 Nm
    Chuck Autoblock 315 BH INCLUDED
    High Pressure Pumb INCLUDED
    2 Axial Diven Tool Holder INCLUDED
    2 Radial Driven Tool Holder INCLUDED
    Tool Presetter INCLUDED
    Coolant Tank Capacity 300 l.
    Installed Power 45 KVA
    Machine Weight 7.500 Kg.
    Machine Dimensions 4200×2.020×2.236 mm,.
    Tools and Accessories INCLUDED
    Documentation INCLUDED

    Detailed information of this Second Hand CNC Lathe

    Technical specifications are not binding and may be modified without notice

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