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    Technical Features of this Brige Type Milling Machine

    Manufacturer ZAYER
    Model TEBAS-5000
    Year 2013
    Table Surface 5.200 x 2.200 mm.
    Max. weight allowed on table 25.000 kg.
    Max distance from 45º head nose to table in vertical position 1.410 mm.
    Max distance from 45º head nose to table in horizontal position 1.465 mm.
    Max distance from direct exit head nose to table in vertical position 1.420 mm.
    Travels and feeds
    Longitudinal Traverse (X Axis) 5.000 mm.
    Transversal Traverse (Y Axis) 3.750 mm.
    Vertical Traverse (Z Axis) 1.250 mm.
    Distance between columns 3.000 mm.
    Rapid Traverse 50.000 mm/min
    Max. Working Feed 30.000 mm/min
    Universal Auto Indexing Head 45º 0.001º/0.001º
    Taper DIN 69871 AD 50
    Spud ISO 7388-2 B 50
    Spindle speed 6.000 rpm
    Speed ranges 3
    Main spindle power 43 kW
    Direct output head reduction 1-2,29 INCLUDED
    Taper DIN 69871 AD 50
    Spud ISO 7388-2 B 50
    Spindle speed 2.000 rpm
    Automatic head changer INCLUDED
    Automatic support for automatic head change (direct exit head) in the upper side of the right column INCLUDED
    Automatic support for automatic head change (45º head) in the lower side of the right column INCLUDED
    Tool changer and magazine
    Tool change Vertical
    Magazine positions 20
    Max tool diameter with adjacent positions 125 mm.
    Max tool diam. with adjacent positions free 240 mm.
    Max tool length 300 mm.
    Max tool weight 25 kg.
    Other equipment
    Internal 20 Bar and external coolant INCLUDED
    2 longitudinal chip conveyors INCLUDED
    1 cross chip conveyor INCLUDED
    Knoll coolant system INCLUDED
    Integral protecting guards without ceiling INCLUDED
    ICAL system for head calibration INCLUDED
    Portable handwheel HEIDENHAIN HR-520
    Part touch probe M&H PS 20.41
    Water gun to clean parts INCLUDED
    Lamp under the bridge INCLUDED
    Total power 122,89 kVA
    Machine Weight 33.000 kg.

    Detailed information of this Brige Type Milling Machine

    Used Zayer TEBAS 5000 bridge milling machine for sale. It is located in our Zaragoza warehouse where it has been reviewed by our experts in used Zayer milling machines. Excellent condition. Immediate delivery.

    It is a CNC milling machine or machining center with a fixed bridge, fixed crossbar and mobile table manufactured by Zayer in 2013 with a HEIDENHAIN iTNC-530 HSCI CNC.

    Zayer’s TEBAS-5000 model offers dynamic behavior and superior performance to machines in its same range. Its geometrically symmetrical design ensures good thermal behavior which confers great stability. The ergonomic concept in its construction stands out, since it has a comfortable height for the operator as well as a movable control panel that allows working on both sides of the machine. All this ensures a great comfort of handling for the user.

    One of the advantages of this model is its simplicity of installation, since due to its optimal height, its location can be done at ground level.

    The objective of this model is to cover the markets in which high productivity and quality machining is required. It has a table surface of 5,200 x 2,200 mm and travels of 5,000 mm along the longitudinal axis, 3,750 mm across and 1,250 mm vertically. The width between columns is 3,000 mm.

    Besides,. this used Zayer TEBAS 5000 unit that we have in stock is well equipped with, among others:

    • Automatic turning head 45º 0.001º/0.001º 6000 rpm 43 kW
    • Direct output head reduction 1:2.29
    • Automatic head changer
    • ATC 20 tools
    • Chip conveyor
    • Internal and external cooling.

    Do you want to buy a Zayer TEBAS-5000 milling machine?

    If so, do not hesitate and contact us. Call +34 976500624, write to or fill out the information request form. One of our specialists in new and used Zayer milling machines will contact you with all the information you need.

    Technical specifications are not binding and may be modified without notice

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