Used Zayer FPU-11000

    Used Bridge Type milling machine Zayer FPU-11000
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    Other available Bridge and Gantry milling machines

    8 meter Correa FP50

    Nicolás Correa FP 50/80 5 axis

    New in 2010 with CNC iTNC-530 5 axis Table: 8.500×2.500 mm. Travels (X/Y/Z) :8.000/3.800/1.250 mm Distance between columns: 3.100 mm 5-axis automatic head B/C axis oscillation range: ±

    Second hand Nicolás Correa FP40-40

    Nicolás Correa FP40-40

    Manufactured in 1997 with HEIDENHAIN TNC 426M Table: :4,000 x 1,250 mm Travels (X/Y/Z) :3,500/2,500/1,000 mm Distance between columns: 2,300 mm Direct head and 45º head Chip

    Second Hand Correa FP40/30 Bridge Type Milling Machine

    Used Correa FP40/30 Bridge Type Milling Machine

    Used Correa FP40/30 ATC UDG Bridge Type milling machine. CNC Heidenhain TNC 426. Orthogonal Autoindex Head 2.5º/2.5º. Internal Coolant. ATC 10 Tools.

    ZAYER TEBAS 5000 bridge type milling machine

    Zayer TEBAS 5000

    New in 2013 with HEIDENHAIN iTNC-530 HSCI CNC. Automatic head 45º 0.001º/0.001º 6000 rpm 43 kW Direct output head reduction 1:2.29 Automatic head changer ATC 20 tools Chip conveyor-

    Used Correa Rapid 50 in clearance sale

    Correa RAPID-50

    New in 2005 with CNC FIDIA C20 (Heidenhain TNC 530 optional) Table surface: 5,000 x 2,000 mm Travels (X/Y/Z): 5,000/3,100/1,200 mm Distance between columns: 2,800 mm. Automatic head UAD  II

    Technical Features of this Brige Type Milling Machine

    CNC Heidenhain TNC 430 PA
    New in 2000
    Table Surface 10.500 X 2.500 mm
    Longitudinal Travel (X Axis) 11.005 mm
    Cross Travel (Y Axis) 3.946 mm
    Vertical Travel (Z Axis) 1.112 mm
    Distance Between Columns 3.100 mm
    Maximum Height Between Nose and Table with Direct Output 1.313 mm.
    Maximum Height Between Nose and Table with Head at 45° 1.300 mm.
    Maximum Height From Table to Axis Head in Horizontal Position 266 – 1366 mm
    Rapid Traverse Axis (X,Y,Z) 10.000 mm/min
    Max. Working Feed 5.000 mm/min
    Direct Output Head Taper ISO-50 – DIN 69871
    Automatic Head 45º Taper ISO-50 – DIN 69871
    Direct Output Head Speed 6.000 r.p.m.
    Automatic Head 45º Speed 6.000 r.p.m.
    Main Motor Power 37 Kw.
    Speed Ranges 2 Ranges
    Ethernet Connection INCLUDED
    Positioning Accuracy 0.010 mm.
    Repetitive Accuracy 0.005 mm.
    Machine Colour RAL 7038 / RAL 5012
    Portable Handwheel HEIDENHAIN HR-410
    Carrying Load Table 20.000 Kg.
    Machine Weight 98.000 Kg.
    Axis and Head Engines  SIEMENS DIGITALES
    Machine Condition EXCELLENT
    Direct Output Head INCLUDED
    Automatic Rotation Head 45° INCLUDED
    A Axis Rotation 0,001º
    B Axis Rotation 0,001º
    Automatic Head Change  INCLUDED
    Automatic Divisible Table in 2 areas INCLUDED
    Retractable Manual Support in the Right Side For Spherical Head INCLUDED
    Retractable Manual Support in the Right Side For Direct Output Head  INCLUDED
    Double Chip Conveyor One at each side of the machine  INCLUDED
    Transversal Chip conveyor to collect the 2 longitudinal  INCLUDED
    Complete Side Guarding  INCLUDED
    RENISHAW MP 14Measure Piece Probe  INCLUDED
    1000l Solube Oil Tank With Filter Paper + Magnetic Separator  INCLUDED
    Cooling Through Tool 20 bar  INCLUDED
    External Tool Cooling 10 bar  INCLUDED
    Automatic Charger 80 Herr. ISO 50  INCLUDED
    Tool Control System  INCLUDED
    CNC 3D ROT Function INCLUDED

    Detailed information of this Brige Type Milling Machine

    Used Zayer FPU-11000 for sale at Maquinaria Colás. New in 2000 with Heidenhain TNC 430 PA and Auto Index Head 45º and 360.000 positions. Includes a lot of additional equipment such as automatic tool charger of 80 positions, double longitudinal chip conveyor and transversal chip conveyor, internal coolant (20 bar)  and external ( 10 bar)…

    If  you want to buy an 11 meter bridge type milling machine Maquinaria Colás is the place where you should start to look for.  We own the widest selection of Zayer and Correa milling machines, reviewed and ready to be delivered immediately.

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