TOS WHN 13 CNC 5 Axis

    • TOS WHN 13 CNC 5 EJES
    • Mandrinadora TOS de segunda mano
    • Mandrinadora TOS Usada
    • Mandrinadora TOS de ocasión
    • TOS WHN 13 CNC 5x

    Technical Features of this Boring Machine

    Table Surface 2200 X 1800 mm.
    Quill Diameter 130 mm.
    Table Longitudinal Travel ( X Axis) 4.000 mm.
    Vertical Travel ( Y Axis) 2.500 mm.
    Columna Longitudinal Travel(Z Axis) 1.250 mm.
    Main Axis Axial Travel ( W Axis) 800 mm.
    Table Rotation (B Axis) Continuo- (0.001º)
    Chip Conveyor INCLUDED
    Tool External Coolant INCLUDED
    Tool Internal Coolant INCLUDED
    Guarding for Operato and  CNC Area INCLUDED
    Main Axis Orientation INCLUDED
    Rapid Traverse 10.000 mm/min
    Head Internal Taper ISO 50 DIN 69871/1-B
    Speed Range 2 Gamas/ 2 Ranges
    Turning Speeds 0-2.500 rpm
    Head Power 37 Kw.
    Carrying Load Table 12.000 kg.
    Machine Weight 48.000 kg.
    Portable Handwheel INCLUDED
    Universal Head INCLUDED
    Extended Head 550 mm INCLUDED
    Extended Head 300 mm INCLUDED
    Operator Cabin with Vertical movement INCLUDED
    Clamping angle plate 3000 x 2500 x 1500 mm INCLUDED
    Clamping angle plate 1200 x 1400 x 1000 mm INCLUDED
    Portable Handwheel Heidenhain HR 410

    Detailed information of this Boring Machine

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