Second Hand DMG DMF-260

    • DMG DMF 260 usado
    • DMG DMF 260
    • Centro de mecanizado DMG DMF 260 usado
    • Centro 5 Ejes DMG DMF ocasion

    Technical Features of this 5 Axis Machining Centers

    Year 2009
    CNC SIEMENS 840D Solutionline
    Table Surface   2.900 x 700 mm.
    Max Weight Allowed on Table 2.150 mm.
    Longitudinal Traverse (X Axis) 2.600 mm
    Cross Traverse (Y Axis 700 mm
    Vertical Traverse (Z Axis) 700 mm
    Swivel Head Head (B Axis) ± 105º
    Max. Working Feed Axis (X,Y,Z) 40 m/min
    Working Feed (X/Y/Z) 40 m/min
    Turning Speeds 8.000 mm/min
    Taper SK 40 DIN 69872
    Main Motor Power 23,5 / 13,5 Kw (25/100%DC)
    ATC Positions 30 Herr./ 30 Tools
    Max.Tool Length 300 mm
    Max. Tool Weight 6 Kg.
    Max. Tool Diameter 130 mm
    Rotary Table Ø560 mm (C Axis) INCLUDED
    Rotary Table Horizontal / Vertical INCLUDED
    2 Working Spaces INCLUDED
    Internal Coolant 40 Bar / 600 l INCLUDED
    Longitudinal Chip Conveyor /INCLUDED
    2 Units Glass Cleaning System INCLUDED
    Spray Cleaning Gun INCLUDED
    Operation Mode 4 /INCLUDED
    Infrared Measuring Probe Heidenhain TS649 INCLUDED
    Portable SteeringWheel INCLUDED
    Machine On Hours 54.338 h
    Program Run Hours 13.582 h
    Machine Weight 18 Tn.

    Detailed information of this 5 Axis Machining Centers



    Technical specifications are not binding and may be modified without notice

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    Used Ibarmia 5 Axis Machining Center

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