DMG DMU 200P 5 Axis

    • Centro DMG DMU 200P 5 Ejes
    • DMG DMU 200P de segunda mano
    • Centro 5 Ejes DMG DMU 200 P ocasion

    Technical Features of this 5 Axis Machining Centers

    Rotary Table Dimension 1.700×1.400 mm.
    Longitudinal Travel (X Axis) 1.800 mm.
    Cross Travel (Y Axis) 2.000 mm
    Vertical Travel (Z Axis) 1.100 mm.
    Table Rotation (B Axis) 0,001 º (Continuous)
    Horizontal / Vertical Auto Indexing Head (A Axis ) 0,001 º (Continuous)
    Working Feed (X/Y/Z) 10.000 mm./min.
    Rapid Feed X Axis 60.000 mm./min.
    Rapid Feed Y, Z Axis 40.000 mm/min
    Taper SK-40 DIN 69871
    Turning Speeds 20-18.000 rpm
    Engine Power 37 Kw.
    Tools at ATC 60 Herr./Tools
    Max. Carrying Load Table 5.000 Kg.
    Touchprobe Piece Measuring Heidenhain TS 361 INCLUDED
    Laser-tools measuring INCLUDED
    Chip Conveyor   INCLUDED
    Portable Handwheel HEIDENHAIN HR-410
    Operation Mode 4 INCLUDED
    Machine Dimensions 8.500×9.500×4.200 mm.
    Machine Aprox. Weight 38.400 Kg.
    Machine Condition EXCELLENT

    Detailed information of this 5 Axis Machining Centers

    Technical specifications are not binding and may be modified without notice

    Other available 5 Axis Machining Centers

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    New in  2003. CNC  HEIDENHAIN TNC-530 Table Surface:  1.500 X 1.250 mm. Travel  (X/Y/Z):  1.600/1.250/1.000 mm. Turning Table  (C Axis) 0,001 º (Continuous) Autoindex Head 0.001

    Second Hand DMG DMU 80T with Heidenhain 426

    DMG DMU 80T with Heidenhain 426

    New in: 2001 CNC:Heidenhain 426 Table Dimension: 1.250 x 700 mm. Travels (X/Y/Z): 880/630/630 mm. C Axis in Table: CONTINUOUS B Axis Turning Head: -91º / +12º

    DMG HSC75 5x Machining Center

    DMG HSC75 Linear

    5 Axis machining center with  Heidenhain iTNC 530 Travels ( X/Y/Z): 885/600/600 mm. Rapid feed: 90.000 mm/min. C Axis -10º/+110º B Axis 360ºx n ATC 30 Tools Part and tool

    Used Ibarmia 5 Axis Machining Center

    IBARMIA ZVH58 – L3000 Extreme

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