Used Zayer 30 KCU 12000 AR

    Used Zayer KCU 12000 AR moving column milling machine
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    Other available Travelling column milling machines

    Second Hand Zayer 30KCU22000 Travelling Column Milling Machine

    ZAYER 30 KCU-22000 Floor Type MiIling Machine

    22 meter travelling column milling machine New inl 2000. CNC SIEMENS 840D Travels (X/Y/Z):22.000/1.500/3.000 mm. AutoIndex Head 45º 0.001º/0.001º ATC 30 Tools Internal Coolant Chip

    ZAYER 30 KMU 5000

    ZAYER 30 KMU-5000

    New in 1999 CNC HEIDENHAIN TNC-430PA Table Surface: :4.700 x 1.200 mm. Travel (X/Y/Z) :3.400/1.250/2.000 mm. Quill Travel (W Axis) :500 mm. Automatic Head 45º 0.001º/0.001º Twist

    Technical Features of this Moving Column Milling Machine

    New in 2008
    CNC Siemens 840 Digital
    Table Longitudinal Travel (X Axis) 12.000 mm.
    Ram Cross Travel (Y Axis) 1.500 mm.
    Vertical Travel (Z Axis) 3.500 mm.
    Rapid Feed 20.000 mm/min.
    Max. Working Feed 10.000 mm/min.
    Positioning Accuracy 0,010 / 4000 min
    Repeatability Accuracy 0,005 / 4000 min
    Vertical Movement with double ballscrew, 2 motors and 2 linear scales (Gantry Axis)
    Two Motors Rack and Pinion in X Axis
    Spindle Nose Taper DIN 69871 A50 / HSK 63
    Gear Range 2
    Speed Range 35 – 6.000 r.p.m.
    Main Spindle Power 40 Kw.
    Max. Weight on Table 15.000 / m2
    Stolle Work-Plate Dimensions ( 1) 4000 x 4000 X 300 mm
    Stolle Work-Plate Dimensions (2) 4000 x 1000 X 300 mm
    Portable Handwheel SIMENES
    Controlled Axis 11 Axis
    Axis Measurement System with Pressurization HEIDENHAIN Scales
    Machine Color RAL 7038 – RAL 7043
    Approx. Machine Weight 75.000 Kg.
    Total Power Requirement 209 Kva.
    Total Power ON 26.658  Hours
    Internal Coolant 60 Bar with Changing System of Pressure with Variable Electronic Regulation
    External Coolant 5 Bar 
    Cooling System JUMA+GAIN with paper filter, magnetic separator and 200l tank 
    Longitudinal Chip Conveyor 
    Coolant/Air system selected automatically with M Functions
    45º Automatic Head, 6000 rpm with positioning of 0.001º/0.001º (DIN 69871 A50) 
    Twist Head (5 Axis), 18.000 rpm, 23 kW DIN69893 HSK A63
    Direct Outlet Head, 6000 rpm, – DIN 69871 A50
    Extended Head 500 mm, 2000 rpm
    DIN 69871 A50
    Head type Clamping Tools for Turning with clamping systems Capto 6
    Automatic Change of Heads (AHC)
    Pick Up Station AITEK ACH for automatic change of 4 Heads
    80 Position Automatic Tool Changer (Horizontal / Vertical)
    60 Tools DIN 69871 DIN A50
    20 Tools DIN 69893 HSK A63
    Tool Charger with 500 mm. capacity and 40 Kg max weight
    Tool pre-setting touch Probe BLUM LASER MICRO A5
    Touch Probe M&H PS 20,00 with Taper DIN 69871 A50
    Touch Probe M&H PS 20,00 with Taper Herramienta DIN 69893 HSK A63
    Platform for the operator, with independent 2100 mm vertical travel, 90º turning. Doors with security system
    Fully enclosed guarding with security barriers
    2 separations with 5 – interlocked Work- Zones
    Roto-traversing table BOST mod. ZA/B-2000. Table Surface 2500×2500 mm.
    Turning and Milling Table Ø 2500 mm
    Table Longitudinal Traverse (W) 2.0000 mm.
    Table Rotation (B) 0,001 º
    Table Surface 2.500 x 2.500 mm.
    Max. Speed 10.000 mm/min.
    Hydrostatic System INCLUDED
    Table Load Capacity (Max) 30.000 Kg.
    YOM 2008
    Chuck Size Ø 2.500 mm.
    Longitudinal Travel of the Chuck 1.500 mm.
    Table Load Capacity (Max) 25 T.
    Spindle Motor Power 2 x 37 kW
    Turning Speed (Max) 200 rpm.
    Milling Power (Max) 55 kW.
    Axis (Turning – Milling) INCLUDED
    Linear Traverse Rate 15.000 mm/min.
    YOM 2008

    Detailed information of this Moving Column Milling Machine

    Technical specifications are not binding and may be modified without notice


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