Mori Seiki NZ 1500 T2Y2

    Mori Seiki NZ1500 T2Y2
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    Technical Features of this Second Hand CNC Lathe

    Manufacturer MORI SEIKI
    Model NZ1500 T2Y2
    Year 10 / 2008
    CNC MSX-701 III
    Swing over bed 800 mm.
    Max distance between spindle nose surfaces 1.130 mm.
    Max. turning diameter 320 mm.
    Max. workpiece diameter for transferring 300 mm.
    Max. turning length 810 mm.
    Bar work capacity 52 mm.
    X1 Axis Travel 210 mm.
    X2 Axis Travel 210 mm.
    Y1 Axis Travel +65 / -45
    Y2 Axis Travel -65 / +45
    Z1 Axis Travel 810 mm.
    Z2 Axis Travel 810 mm.
    Spindle 2 B-Axis Travel 900 mm.
    C Axis in Main Spindle INCLUIDO
    Rapid Feed X1/X2 Axis 30.000 mm./min.
    Rapid Feed Z1/Z2 Axis 50.000 m./min.
    Work feed 0-5000 mm/min.
    Main Spindle
    Speed 60-6.000 rpm
    Speed ranges 2
    Power 22//18 kW
    Quill diameter 61 mm.
    Nose JIS A2-5
    Min Spindle indexing range 0.001º
    Spindle 2
    Speed 60-6.000 rpm
    Power 22//18 kW
    Quill diameter 61 mm.
    Nose JIS A2-5
    Min Spindle indexing range 0.001º
    Revolver turret
    Turret type 16 estaciones x 2
    Turret positions 16 x 2 = 32
    Driven Tools Speed 6.000 rpm
    Max Power Driven Tools 7.5 / 5.5 kW
    Chip Conveyor INCLUDED
    Parts unloader INCLUDED
    Parts conveyor INCLUDED
    Bar Feeder LNS Hydrobar SPRINT 552
    4 axal driven tool holders INCLUDED
    6 radial driven tool holders INCLUDED
    17 standard tool holders INCLUDED
    Main Spindle / Second Spindle INCLUDED
    Turret 1 – Automatic tool messer INCLUDED
    Turret2 – Automatic tool messer INCLUDED
    Machine Hours
    Power On 21.779 h.
    Cutting Time ( Spindle 1 ) 12.841 h.
    Machine size and weight
    Machine Weight 8.300 kg
    Machine Dimensions (LxWxH) 3.930 x 2.718 x 2.320 mm

    Detailed information of this Second Hand CNC Lathe

    Technical specifications are not binding and may be modified without notice


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