DMG HSC75 Linear

    DMG HSC75 5x Machining Center
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    Technical Features of this 5 Axis Machining Centers

    Manufacturer DMG
    Model HSC 75 LINEAR
    Year 2011 / 2015
    Rotary table surface Ø 750 mm
    Max Weight Allowed on Table 800 kg
    Travels (X/Y/Z Axis) 885/ 600/600 mm
    Linear type moving system INCLUDED
    Precision in axis positioning 0.0001 mm.
    Rapid Feed (X/Y/Z Axis) 90.000 mm/min
    Spindle Speed 28.000 r.p.m.
    B Axis -10º/+110º
    B Axis positioning precision 0.001º
    C Axis 360ºx n
    C Axis positioning precision 0.001º
    Taper HSK 63 A DIN 69893
    Main Motor Power 45/55 kW
    ATC Positions 30
    Cross chip conveyor INCLUDED
    Cross chip conveyor INCLUDED
    Electrical cabinet coolant INCLUDED
    Workpiece infrared touch probe RENISHAW PP 60 OPTICAL (OMP60)
    Renishaw laser tool touch probe BLUM
    5 axis precision packet for Heidenhain TNC 530 INCLUDED
    DMG ERGOline® Control with 19" screen and 3D-software HEIDENHAIN iTNC 530 INCLUDED
    Flushing Gun INCLUDED
    Portable Handwheel HEIDENHAIN HR-410
    Machine Weight 10.900 kg.

    Detailed information of this 5 Axis Machining Centers

    Technical specifications are not binding and may be modified without notice


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