GEMINIS GT7-G2 1800 x 4000

    • GEMINIS GT7 G2 1800 x 4000
    • GEMINIS GT7 G2 1800 x 4000

    Technical Features of this Second Hand CNC Lathe

    CNC Siemens 840 D SL
    Year of Manufacturing 2018
    Year of Starting Up 2019
    Height of centres since  flat guideway 910 mm
    Ø Maximum Swing
    Ø Swing Over Cross Slide 1.400 mm
    Ø Swing Over Bed 1.800 mm
    Distance Between Centers 4.000 mm
    Ø  Hole of the main axis 150 mm
    Nose DIN 55026 20"
    Ø  Front Bearing of main axis. 220 mm
    Automatic Change at the 4 Speed Range gamas de velocidades de cambio automático 0 – 710 min-1
    Range 1 0 – 90 min-1
    Range 2 0 – 180 min-1
    Range 3 0 – 355 min-1
    Range 4 0 – 710 min-1
    Máx  Torque. S-1 22 300 Nm
    Main Engine. S1 74 kW
    Cross Slide Traverse 830 mm
    Longitudinal Traverse (Z Axis) 8 m/min
    Cross Slide Rapid Traverse 6 m/min
    Ø- Quill Tailstock 220 mm
    Quill Tailstock  Travese 300 mm
    Distance between guides 905 mm
    Height to flat guideway 880 mm
    Maximum Carrying Load
    Between Centers 12.000 kg
    While Lifting without tools/ equipment 6.000 kg
    Machines Weight
    Weight of the machine. 24.000 kg
    Control SIEMENS 840 D Solution Line, assembled on a swivelling arm at the guarding door. Flat Display LCD 19", alphanumeric keyboard, 3GB Hard Disk, RAM 10 MB, 31 axis control, DIN/ISO Programme, Interface RS-232C, USB connection, graphical simulation. DXF Converter for SIEMENS 840D SL Control
    Electric Portable Handwheel SIEMENS type Mini HHV – function Emergency Stop Included
    Taper Quill Tailstock MK6
    Automatic Centralized Grease Lubrication INCLUDED
    Coolant and Chip Removal Equipment
    Automatic Chip Removal Equipment INCLUDED
    Cutting Oil Tank INCLUDED
    Keyboard forward/ reverse at controlpad INCLUDED
    BCM-2/10 Motor pump. Coolant from tank to turret. Flow regulation INCLUDED
    Full Guarding Door INCLUDED
    Ready for assembled a vacuum INCLUIDED
    2 Portable Handwheel for X / Z axis
    Joystick at controlpad INCLUDED
     C Axis INCLUDED
    Accuracy Positioning C Axis   ±20"
    Drive main motor., axis hydraulic clamping INCLUIDED
    Engine Automatic Tool Clamping 18 kW
    Hight Accuracy Angular Contact Bearings INCLUDED
    Tool Internal Coolant INCLUDED
    Y Axis
    Automatic Traverse ±100mm
    Heidenhain Measuring Scale INCLUDED
    B Axis – MANUAL
    Manual Continuous Posittioning INCLUDED
    Turning Range 180°
    Manual Blocking INCLUDED
    Tool to fix positions  0°/45°/90°/135º INCLUDED
    Automatic compensation Zero Ponts INCLUDED
    19" Screen at Siemens CNC INCLUDED
    Support for boring bar, build in 2 sides, installed at the right side of the miling column INCLUDED
    Inner Diameter 120 mm,
    Boring Bar NOT INCLUDED
    Coolant Gun INCLUDED

    Detailed information of this Second Hand CNC Lathe

    Technical specifications are not binding and may be modified without notice

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