Moving Column Milling Machine Zayer 30 KC 4000

    • Fresadora Columna Móvil Zayer
    • Fresadora Columna Movil ZAYER 30 KC4000 de ocasión
    • Fresadora Columna Movil ZAYER 30 KC4000 usada
    • Fresadora Columna Movil ZAYER 30 KC4000 de ocasión
    • Fresadora Columna Móvil ZAYER 30 KC4000 de segunda mano

    Technical Features of this Moving Column Milling Machine

    Total Table Surface 4.000 X 2000 mm.
    Table Surface Divisor Juarista MG-12 2.000 x 2.000 mm
    Table Surface Fixed Floor 2.000 x 1.500 x 350 mm
    Longitudinal Traverse (X Axis) 4.000 mm.
    Cross Traverse (Y Axis) 1250 mm.
    Vertical Traverse ( Z Axis) 2000 mm.
    Quill (B Axis ) 500 mm.
    Rapid Traverse 15.000 mm/min
    Taper ISO 50
    Turning Speeds 20 – 6.000 rpm
    Auto Indexing Head INCLUDED
    Head 360.000 Pos.
    Elbow 360.000 Pos.
    Number of Speed Ranges 2 Ranges
    Head Power 30 Kw
    Max. Allowed Weight  20.000 kg.
    Machine Weight 38.000 kg.
    Control FIDIA M2/ HEIDENHAIN TNC 530i D
    Portable Handwheel INCLUDED
    Machine Condition EXCELLENT
    Year of Manufacture 2000
    Table divisor JUARISTI MG-12 DE 2000×2000 (EJE C) – 360.000 Pos  INCLUDED
    Auto Indexing Head (Head + Elbow) – 360.000 Pos. INCLUDED
    Head Coolant Equipment + ZF Box INCLUDED
    Change of Heads INCLUDED
    Quill (B Axis ) Ø 150 Traverse 500 mm INCLUDED
    Rigid tapping INCLUDED
    Motor and Regulators Axis SIEMENS – DIGITAL INCLUDED
    Longitudinal Chip Removal Equipment INCLUDED
    Oil Tank with filter paper INCLUDED

    Detailed information of this Moving Column Milling Machine

    This used moving Column Milling Machine Zayer 30 KC 4000 is available in stock at the Maquinaria Colas warehouse in Zaragoza ( Spain). Perfectly equiped. Make of this second use moving column milling machine Zayer your firts option. Call us for more information and pricing.

    Technical specifications are not binding and may be modified without notice

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